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To ensure your safety and optimum results, we are always undergoing upgrades to our training and pride ourselves on maintaining health and safety regulations. Above all, we wish to provide a soothing environment in which our guests can relax, rejuvenate and improve the health of the body, skin, and soul.

For Your First Visit
For your first appointment, please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to fill out an initial intake form. For each appointment.

Please allow time for traffic and travel to arrive on time, as we will end your service at your scheduled end time. 

Making An Appointment
We are currently open only by appointment Monday  through Saturday. Appointments are scheduled according to what is available within the spa schedule, so please plan in advance and accordingly. It is not unheard of to take time off work to pamper yourself. Also

​​if redeeming a gift certificate, please allow ample time for scheduling, especially if you have a restricted schedule. We will not make last-minute arrangements for those that waited to the last minute to contact us for a fast-approaching expiration date

To ensure the relaxation of all our guests and the safety of everyone, we ask that children stay at home as we don't caregivers at the spa unless the child is having spa princess treatment with an adult.

Cell Phones
 To maintain a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere we ask that all personal devices be turned off or on vibrate upon your arrival. You can answer your phone if it's an emergency but not be chatting loud to disturb other guest who are enjoying their services.

Late Arrival
In order to accommodate the next guest, regardless of what time you arrive, your appointment will end on schedule.

​​​Special Needs
 Please inform us at the time of booking if you are pregnant, have any limitations or medical conditions so that we may make any accommodations needed prior to your arrival.

Lash Services
Please be aware, for safety reasons, if you are receiving any lash services, you must arrive without contact lenses or the service cannot be performed.

Coming Soon 

We do not refund the sale of gift certificates or massage packages, for any reason. A credit will be applied to your account for your next appointment

Gratuities count for a large portion of your service provider's income, and are given as a reflection of your appreciation of the service rendered to you. Gratuities, in any amount, are greatly appreciated by our service staff. 

If you are enjoying a pedicure, please bring flip flops unless you are having a gel polish application.

Gel Polish Removal
Please let us know when booking if you require gel polish removal and/or application to ensure proper booking time and set up.

Facial or Body Treatment
If you are having a facial or body treatment, please be aware that some medical conditions, medications or skin care products may affect the skin’s ability to tolerate certain products, please list these so that our staff can make sure you receive appropriate treatment.

If you are having a facial, please let your skin care technician know if you are wearing contacts or have lash extensions to ensure safety and the longevity of the lashes

Wax Treatment
If you are having a wax treatment, please be aware that optimum results with minimum discomfort are obtained when hair is between ¼ -1 inch long.

After Care

Please follow all aftercare instructions provided by your technician. These guidelines are given to ensure maximum comfort and results.

Cancellations and Groupon Vouchers

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If cancelling less than 24 hours, we will apply a $15 cancellation charge.

If you are using an online voucher it will be redeemed immediately and you will have to pay the price difference if the voucher has expired, for gift certificate please give us a 24 hour notice to cancel or it will be void, as we have other clients on wait-list who will appreciate that scheduled time space.

No Shows

A no show will make the voucher or gift certificate void. If using a gift certificate, voucher, massage package, and rescheduling/cancelling less than 24 hours more than once, we reserve the right to make that service on your account void. For Groupon Vouchers, any no shows will be void immediately.

$25 charge will be placed on your account and you have to pay it before any appointment will be booked for you in the future, because it prevents us from booking other clients we have on waitlist and it is not fair to us or the other clients who really need the appointment time.

​​Gift Cards
We all love Gift Cards to the Spa. Your Naanaz Day Spa Gift Card will not expire, however price changes and product changes mean that after 12 months, any Gift card for a specific service or package will be redeemed at its dollar value instead. We are happy to look up Naanaz Day Spa Gift Cards to find the purchase date for you.

Gift Certificates and Vouchers
Gift Certificate expires 6 months from date of purchase and online vouchers expires 3 months from the date of purchase, Please bring your certificate/voucher into your appointment date.

Any unused services or dollar amounts on your gift certificate will be applied for a credit in our spa  for your next service booking depending on the terms of the certificate you purchase. We do not refund gift certificates.

Online Vouchers, however you can not leave gratuities off them. We encourage you to tip in cash or visa/ Mastercard to your esthetician.
All Online Vouchers must be used one service unless otherwise specified on the voucher

Any unused services or dollar amounts from these cards will be applied for a credit in our store for your next service booking.
 Prices may change without notice

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