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Our spa membership is here to help you save on your favorite spa services, allowing you to treat yourself to a well deserved spa treatment each month!
The membership provides you with a choice of 3 major member services that you can add to your package. We have monthly or annual membership term agreement with no hidden fees with discount for Silver & Gold Members.

You'll always get superior quality service from our exceptional  licensed estheticians, 

These great deals cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. The membership cannot be shared or transferred.

One card per person. 

​Levels of Membership to Choose From:

Each month your membership includes
One Stress Elimination Massage

(60 min)

$93 per month Massage 10% off

Value at $103

One Classic Papaya Hydra-Smooth Facial (60 min)
$140 per month facial 10% off
Value at $155

Each month your membership includes
One Stress Elimination Massage (60 min)

One Classic Papaya Hydro-Smooth Facial (60 min)
$233 per month
Value at $258

Each month your membership includes
One Swedish Massage (60 min)

One Classic Hydra Soothe Facial (60 min)
Plus 1 Complimentary under arm Hair Removal
$ 249 per month 
Value at $277

Stress Elimination Massage Pkg

Silver Star Pkg 

45min 3 Sessions   

6 Sessions 

Gold Star Pkg

60min 3 Sessions 


6 Sessions

Serenity Hot Stone Massage Pkg

Silver Star Pkg
45min 3 Sessions   
6 Sessions 

Gold Star Pkg
60min 3 Sessions 
6 Sessions

Aromatherapy De-Stressor Pkg

Silver Star Pkg
45min 3 Sessions   
60min 6 Sessions 

Gold Star Pkg
45min 3 Sessions 
60min 6 Sessions

​​you also get 10% OFF Retail Products
1 Complimentary Express Manicure on your Birthday
Spouse Add-on Memberships (Both receives 15%)

For every 2 membership you refer, you'll receive one complimentary Stress Elimination Massage.  

​(30 minutes).


Prepaid Membership

For every prepaid annual membership, you receive 15%

Plus Complimentary Stress Elimination massage on your Birthday


Freezing a Membership

There may be times when you would like to freeze your membership due to extenuating circumstances. When a membership is frozen, a member may not use his/her membership benefits or accrue pre-paid massage & facial for the duration of the freeze.


A member must be in good standing to be eligible for a freeze.

A minimum of 2 membership payments must have been made prior to a membership being eligible to be frozen.


You may freeze your membership for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 3 months. Memberships may be unfrozen at anytime at least 30 days after the freeze start date or will automatically recommence on the pre-determined freeze end date.


 At the end of the membership freeze term, your dues will continue with your next schedule electronic funds transfer date. Your membership expiration date will be extended by the amount of time your membership was frozen.

Only one complimentary freeze permitted per term. Additional freeze periods will incur a $12.99 administration fee.


* Membership rates are subject to change without prior notice. For so long as a member keeps his/her membership in good standing, his/her membership rate will always remain the same.

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