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Our Mission Statement

At Naanaz Day Spa we believe Relaxation and De-Stressing should be the most important thing in our daily lives, to have calm, even just for a few moments to have a time for the pedicure or massage you've been putting off due to busy schedules. Just a little bit of serenity, time to relax, time for self.


All it takes is some time here or there, Make it short if you are busy, but make it happen and make it regular-because self-care should look after your soul on a regular basis. It’s that simple.

Here at Naanaz Day Spa we want you to experience that calm and relaxation, your treatments are not just skin deep we want to provide a soothing atmosphere where we can help you take care of your soul so come in, let us start your pampering, have a conversation or just let the massage take over.


Trust that we will do our best to provide you a relaxing experience, we will always recommend products and services that we feel would benefit you individually, but most importantly, we want you to take the opportunity to practice self-care at home or to come back and enjoy your experience here regularly.

When you leave, we hope you leave feeling relaxed and cared for and we look forward and seeing you again for another spa experience.

Our Spa is close to transits, groceries stores and shopping plaza. We offer a wide selection of treatments to relax and rejuvenate your body and skin, with our uniquely tailored massage, facial and body treatments. Come and indulge in one of our pampering Chocolate manicure and Cranberry pedicures and waxing treatments.

We also have a couples room where you can enjoy your appointments side-by-side in a spacious treatment rooms with options for massage, facial, or body scrubs and many more to choose from, it is a perfect gift to share with a loved one.


We invite you to come and indulge in an unforgettable spa experience. With easy access via the transit, there is no simpler choice than choosing Naanaz Day Spa & for your relaxing retreat.


Our spa professionals are committed to the relaxation and rejuvenation to all of our guests. Using all natural products, we can customize every treatment and service to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Whether you choose to enjoy our services on your own, or with a group, your senses will surely feel rejuvenated and revitalized! Come unwind and treat yourself allowing us to pamper you from head to toe and help you escape the stresses of everyday life,


just give us a call at 778-960-9547, text to the same number, email us, or send a message on facebook or instagram to book an appointment and enjoy all the services we have to offer


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